Monks go on a 365 kilometre Pilgrimage in Thailand

During January 2012, a total of 1,127 monks will be taking part in the Dhammakaya Pilgrim Project where they will be walking through five provinces that were recently hit by the floods. The pilgrim route covers the provinces of Ayuthaya, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Nakornpathom, Supanburi and Bangkok. The 365 kilometer pilgrimage started on 2nd January and will run until 25th January 2012.

This activity is a lesson that shows the general public how the itinerant monks exercise their mindfulness, patience and practice their walking meditation while on a pilgrim. Along the way, monks will spread loving-kindness for the well-being of all Thais. During each overnight break, the monks will practice meditation and chant prayers. The monks will also provide necessary maintenance service to the places that they visit and distribute relief supplies to local people in need.

During the time of the Buddha, there was once an outbreak of cholera where many people died. The people invited the Lord Buddha and 500 of his disciples to come and bless the city. Before they arrived, the people cleaned the streets and laid out thousands of rose petals. After his visit, the sick became better and everything went back to normal. In order to recreate this event, the entire 365 kilometre route through the provinces that had been flooded will be covered with rose petals. All local people are invited to come and join in with this event. Click here for a schedule.

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